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There are many types of Australia cruises. You can choose a long cruise all the way around the country or a much shorter trip. Another option is to cruise to Australia from a far away place.

Cruises to Australia from the USA: Cruise from the United States to Australia.

Cruise to the US from Australia: Transpacific cruises from Sydney to Hawaii or California.

Cruises to Australia from China: Cruise from Hong Kong or Shanghai to Australia.

Cruise to Australia from Singapore: Cruises from the Asian island nation to Australia.

Cruise to Australia from UK: Cruises from England to Australia.

Great Barrier Reef Cruises: Cruise to one of the natural wonders of the world. Australia northern coast cruises in Queensland.

Australia Circumnavigation: Cruises round Australia. Long voyages all the way around.

Cruises to Nowhere from Sydney: Short cruises out into the ocean and back.

Southern Coast Cruises: Australia's south coast includes Adelaide, wine country, and Kangaroo Island among its attractions.

Tasmania Cruises: Cruise to the large island state that has extensive protected wild areas.

Christmas Cruises: Christmas is in the summer in Australia, making it an ideal holiday destination.

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