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Bali to Australia Cruises

Cruises from Bali Indonesia to Australia are few in number but are offered. They are one-way cruises from Benoa to Sydney. See the schedule of departures below.

Bali is a famous island that is part of Indonesia. Volcanic mountains, rice terraces and sandy beaches highlight the beautiful landscape. Bali is about 800 miles northwest of Australia.

Cruises to Australia from Indonesia

18-night cruise to Australia on Azamara Cruises. One-way from Bali (Indonesia) to Sydney (Australia). Visit Exmouth (Australia), Perth (Australia), Bunbury (Australia), Albany (Australia), Esperance (Australia), Kangaroo Island (Australia), Adelaide (Australia) and Melbourne (Australia).
• 2018 departure: January 21.

17-day cruise to Australia on Viking Cruises. One-way from Bali (Indonesia) to Sydney (Australia). Visit Lombok (Indonesia), Komodo (Indonesia), Darwin (Australia), Thursday Island (Australia), Cairns (Australia), Townsville (Australia), Whitsunday Island (Australia), Brisbane (Australia) and Newcastle (Australia).
• 2018 departure: November 30.

18-day cruise to Australia on Seabourn. One-way from Benoa (Bali Indonesia) to Sydney (Australia). Visit Senggigi (Indonesia), Komodo Island (Indonesia), Darwin (Australia), Cairns (Australia), Townsville (Australia), Hamilton Island (Australia) and Fraser Island (Australia).
• 2018 departure: December 3.

16-day cruise to Australia on Silversea. One-way from Benoa (Bali Indonesia) to Sydney (Australia). Visit Komodo (Indonesia), Darwin (Australia), Cairns (Australia), Townsville (Australia), Whitsunday Islands (Australia) and Brisbane (Australia).
• 2018 departure: December 21.

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